What are the symptoms of (ED)?

If its difficult to keep an erection hard enough for sex, it could be ED.
Symptoms may differ from man to man and could be:

No erection at all
Might get an erection, but not kept long enough for sex
Might get an erection, but not hard enough for sexual intercourse

For some men with ED, it can be difficult to get or keep an erection every
time they try to have sex. For others, symptoms can happen just once in a while.

ED is common, and it's got nothing to do with your manliness or your sex drive.
It is regarded as a medical condition and there's a lot of support out there.
So don’t feel embarrassed, there are aids to help, such as Viagra Connect.

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What can cause ED?

Here are some points regarding the causes of ED:

Reduced blood flow to the penis, this could be caused by diabetes or blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and smoking. Physical activity/exercise and the lack of it can also contribute
Heart and circulation problems can reduce blood flow to the penis
Injury to the penis
Health issues such as depression

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